The Time Machine

I wasn’t scared knocking on Mr. Griffin’s door despite of the rumors floating in the neighborhood about his sanity. In my opinion, he was neither insane nor mentally disturbed – only sad. Knocking on his door, I imagined Mr. Griffin’s well settled on his armchair by the fireplace with a copy of Illiad. In reality, … More The Time Machine

The Sacred Geometry

Alphabets & Zodiacs Curiosity can certainly take you to places. Just a couple of days back, I was researching on the origins of modern day alphabets. In particular, I was tempted to probe in the formation of the Semitic languages (Arabic, Hebrew etc) which sprang up from the Sumerian (Modern day Iraq) civilization predating even Egypt. … More The Sacred Geometry

Abraham & Jephthah: A Tale of Two Sacrifices

I did a blog post recently named, “Animal Sacrifice in Ancient Cultures” which traces the roots of the infamous Abrahamic sacrifice of his beloved son (Isaac according to the Bible and Ishmael as per the Islamic interpretation of the Quranic verses) to the fertility cults of the Near East as per John Allegro’s book, “The … More Abraham & Jephthah: A Tale of Two Sacrifices